Transition legal documents

BAA leaders signed a Transition Agreement with Baylor on May 31, recommending a vote by the full membership. The official agreement and all accompanying documents can be found below:

BAA MEMBERS VOTED on THIS DOCUMENT:   Transition Agreement

This Transition Agreement, executed by representatives of the BAA, the Baylor University Board of Regents, and President Ken Starr, sets forth the basic principles that would govern the relationships between the Baylor Line Corporation, the Baylor Alumni Advisory Board, and the University. By its terms, the Transition Agreement is “subject to approval” by the BAA “in accordance with the law and BAA’s governing documents” (page 7 in the document linked above), following a due diligence period, and is not effective until that time.

Standing Rules for Voting Meeting


Baylor Alumni Association Bylaws
Constitution and Bylaws of the Baylor Alumni Association

Baylor’s Official Letter of Termination

Baylor’s Notice of Termination
On May 31, 2013, Baylor University announced that this September, unless the Transition Agreement linked above was approved by the Baylor Alumni Association, it would unilaterally terminate several agreements between the BAA and the University. This notice of termination cannot become operative before September 8, 2013.

BAA Articles of Incorporation

1993 License Agreement

1994 Official Recognition/HDAC Agreement


Baylor Line Corporation Documents:

Baylor Line Corporation Signed License Agreement

Ethical Principles

Baylor Line Editorial Guidelines

CASE Principles

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