Transition Editorials & Letters

Read opinions sent to the BAA by alumni and news editorials on the Transition Agreement


September 6, 2013, Baylor Lariat
“Editorial: Neither option adequate for alumni association”


September 6, 2013, Save the BAA E-mail
“Baylor Presidents Support an Independent BAA”


September 6, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Bill Whitaker: Baylor-BAA fracas just isn’t on many BU students’ radar”


September 6, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
Brad Toben, guest columnist: BAA debate is no place to make personal attacks


September 6, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Brian E. Daugbjerg, guest columnist: Transition agreement will bring alumni outreach into 21st century”


September 6, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Kent Reynolds, guest columnist: Top 10 reasons why transition agreement is a bad deal”


September 5, 2013, Waco Tribune-Herald
“Letters: Two readers voice doubt in Baylor-BAA transition agreement”


September 5, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“James F. Cole, guest columnist: Passage of Baylor-BAA pact will stifle all informed debate”


September 5, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Kelly Rapp, guest columnist: Non-voting Baylor regents have plenty of say”


September 1, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Ken Starr, guest columnist: Transition agreement promises healing, unity for Baylor Nation”

September 1, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald

“Sherry Castello, guest columnist: Don’t allow Baylor to get wish of destroying independent voice”


September 1, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Stan Schlueter, guest columnist: Offer full of false promises to lure Baylor alumni support”


September 1, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Todd Still, Jim H. Patton, Lori Baker, guest columnists: Baylor faculty senate agrees move will help alumni, university”


August 30, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Tom Nesbitt, guest columnist: Terms of Baylor-BAA transition agreement could snuff The Baylor Line”


August 29, 2013, Waco Tribune-Herald
“Editorial: Final Baylor season at Floyd Casey cause for both reflection, hope”


August 29, 2013, Waco Tribune-Herald
“Letters: Readers discuss Baylor Alumni Association vote, strength in West, citizen hypocrisy and race”


August 27, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
Bette McCall Miller, guest columnist: Alumni shouldn’t give in to Baylor’s threats


August 25, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“M. Stephen Beard, guest columnist: ‘No’ vote at Baylor Alumni Association meeting means serious consequences”


August 22, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Meredith Pinson-Creasey, guest columnist: Financial realities demand focus on upcoming BAA vote”


August 21, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Wilton Lanning, Board of Contributors: It’s high time for Baylor infighting to end”


August 21, 2013, Waco Tribune-Herald
“Letters: On Baylor censorship, angels among us and Charlie Pack”


August 18, 2013, Waco Tribune-Herald
“Carroll Webb, guest columnist: Alumni, vote ‘yes’ to ensure strong future for Baylor, BAA”


August 18, 2013, Waco Tribune Herald
“Robert Baird, guest columnist: No Baylor alumnus can take vote for Transition Agreement lightly”


August 16, 2013, Waco Tribune-Herald
“John Howard guest column: Here’s how to keep the BAA voice independent”


August 10, 2013, Waco Tribune-Herald
Silas Ragsdale, Kyle Gilley, guest columnists: Forging a new era of harmony for Baylor, BAA


August 6, 2013, BAA Line Notes
“Transition Agreement Message from BAA President”


August 4, 1013 Waco Tribune Herald
Earl Santee, guest columnist: A football stadium needs great location, great passion—and Baylor has both


August 1, 2013, Waco Tribune-Herald

“Max Bennett, guest columnist: Baylor alumni still need an independent voice”


August 1, 2013, Waco Tribune-Herald

“Joe E. Baxter Sr. guest columnist: It’s time for entire Baylor family to join forces”


July 29, 2013, Baylor E-News
Letter From Ken Starr: Baylor Forward


July 28, 2013 Waco Tribune-Herald

Drayton McLane, guest columnist: Pedestrian bridge will meld Baylor Stadium to campus”


July 23, 2013 Waco Tribune-Herald

“Editorial: Baylor’s $17 million alumni events center might reflect better times ahead”


July 19, 2013 Our Daily Bears

“New Alumni Building Attached to Baylor Stadium?”


July 12, 2013 Waco Tribune-Herald

“Editorial: Mediating parties should keep Baylor University’s enormous potential foremost in mind”


July 10, 2013 Waco Tribune-Herald

“Letters: Two differing perspectives offered on Baylor-BAA pact and the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center”


July 8, 2013 Dallas Morning News

“Letters: Baylor can keep alumni center”


July 7, 2013 Waco Tribune-Herald

“Letters: Petty lawsuit could delay construction, opening of new Baylor Stadium”


July 2, 2013 Baptist Standard

“Letters: Baylor, BAA & a vineyard”


June 29, 2013 Waco Tribune-Herald

“Bette McCall Miller, guest columnist: Proposed pact is death sentence for BAA”


June 26, 2013 Waco Tribune-Herald

“Letters: Readers sound off on the NSA, Baylor Alumni Association, the Taliban and audio noise”


 June 13, 2013 Waco Tribune-Herald

“Letters: Waco readers debate disbanding of Baylor Alumni Association”


June 13, 2013 Waco Tribune-Herald

“Time is long past for Baylor, BAA to put aside adversarial approach”



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