Kurt Dorr Lawsuit

KURT H. DORR vs. BAYLOR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, a Texas Non-Profit Corporation, BAYLOR UNIVERSITY, a Texas Non-Profit Corporation, ELIZABETH E. COKER, and COLLIN J. COX,

On July 2, a single member of the association filed a lawsuit against the BAA, its leaders, and Baylor. He challenged Baylor’s right to remove the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center and the authority of the BAA’s Executive Committee to comply with the university’s request to vacate the building, in connection with the Transition Agreement.

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order that halted demolition. Then, after a hearing in his courtroom on July 10, the judge ordered all parties to mediation, which took place on July 22. Later that week, the mediator informed the judge that no agreement could be reached. The judge then lifted the restraining order, and the university began demolition on the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center on July 26.

Links to BAA news and other news coverage of the lawsuit are included in the Transition News section.

The legal documents pertaining to the lawsuit are provided below.


Order Dismissing Lawsuit

Order to Dissolve Injunction

P. Amended Complaint

Dorr Verified Complaint—Exhibits A-F

Baylor Motion to Dismiss and Response to Plaintiffs Application for TRO and PI

Exhibits to Baylor Motion to Dismiss and Response to TRO and PI Application

BAA Defendants Response to Plaintiffs Application for TRO

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